The Finishing Touch of Ribbon



Beautiful ribbon is the finishing touch for any bouquet – the cherry on top if you will. I have to admit; I can get pretty excited about a beautiful ribbon!  I never really knew this about myself until I started to do wedding work.  Grosgrain, satin, silk, plaid, woven, solid or pattern; the choices are too numerous to count.  I never knew there were so many. At first I stayed with the basics, but now I am breaking out for sure.

I was lucky enough recently to go with my friend Barbara Connolly of Bonnie Hill Farm to a local ribbon factory in nearby Stroudsburg, PA where they not only sell a beautiful assortment of ribbon, but they also still make many of their own as well.  The American Ribbon Manufacturers still looks much as it did over 100 years ago when they opened their doors. Barbara and I were like kids in a candy shop and both bought home quite a haul.

My biggest thrill though was the fact that I now have a local source of ribbon to use with my local flower arrangements! It’s nice to know that I can support an American manufacturer and the employees that work there with this simple purchase.

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