The Art of Creating a Wedding

Week #9 – February 24th 2016 One of the great aspects about my work is that I get to meet and work with new people all the time. This winter I have been meeting with brides and grooms, their moms and dads, sisters, cousins, friends and even a dog or two here and there!  Recently[…]

Taste of June in January

Week 2 – January 15, 2016 My winter work these days consists mainly of office work, updating the website, ordering seeds and supplies and planning out our “season” (which is really three seasons!). I am also in the process of gathering and organizing photos from the photographers from last season to update my portfolio which[…]

Painting the Barn on the Flower Farm

For years we threw around ideas about “signage” for the farm, but we were so busy tending other aspects of farm life that we never quite got around to it — until now. Thanks to a casual conversation among friends, we learned that one of our closest friends right here in Blairstown was not only[…]

Where Wedding Flowers Come From

Back in May, I had the good fortune to catch Patti in action as she installed several rows of flower crops. This quick video captures the process nearly start to finish and even includes a 6-week time warp! Though Patti makes it look easy and quick, the work is a lot harder than it looks[…]